is the title of a new exhibition and book, the second collaboration between Naomi Ojima and me. My poetry and Naomi’s visual art are of contemporary nature and beautifully complementary in their simplicity and subtleness.

MM poster

Our artwork is a conversation between word – form and colour. It aims to describe the experience of the present moment – what arises and wants to be expressed when awareness and stillness meets creativity.

We  believe that the source of all movements is Love. It is what inspired us both to collaborate and create a collection of present moment-expressions, inviting our readers to pause and to enter the multidimensionality of Now, to feel Love at its core.

The exhibition is currently on display at the Bakehouse in Findhorn and can be seen until 29th of October.

Our book with the same title is on sale there as well and can be ordered online via the following link:

There is a preview into the book where you can see some of Naomi’s artwork and read some of my poems.

On Culture Day (29 September) during the Findhorn Bay Festival I was giving two poetry readings in the Pop Up Cafe in Forres Town-Hall. Thank you to everyone who came to listen and to see me. It was a beautiful experience, speaking to a friendly and open audience and noticing how words can touch and leave an imprint.


… feeling a bit like a celebrity whilst signing our books, thank you David Janes for having been the bookseller!


Here is one more excerpt from the book – as a taster:



has no
safety net



instead it

a constant

to become

a door

to freedom

to Love

as core
and standing ground

when being
fully here

the question



To see more of Naomi’s artwork, please go to:

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